Hi! I'm Ángel Ortiz an aspiring graphics programmer currently living in Barcelona, Spain. I graduated from Virginia Tech in May 2017 with a Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering.

In the past year I've shifted my main interest to mastering C++ and Graphics Programming in a quest to multiclass into the ultimate Graphics Programmer/Aerospace Engineer that nobody knew they needed in their party/company. I've since completed two major many months-long projects where I did my best to showcase what I've learned so far. The first is SSGE a CPU based software renderer written entirely in C++ with no external libraries and capable of running PBR shaders. The second one is HRE a GPU based renderer written in OpenGL that has PBR, IBL and also a fancy compute based Clustered Shading algorithm for lightning fast light culling.

Unsurprisingly, I'm also really into space, and I've worked on some very cool space related projects in the past. My proudest achievement is, without a doubt, that NASA gave my senior design team's project a shout-out last year. I've also done some neat Machine Learning stuff with satellite imaging and Keras.

Otherwise, when I'm not programming I spend most of my own time reading about space, playing EU4, enjoying the local food in BCN and very occasionally taking photographs.

I'm currently available for graphics related positions! If you're interested you can download a pdf copy of my resume [here].

The best way to reach me is by email at: angelo12 (at) vt (dot) edu.