Hello there! I'm Ángel Ortiz and I'm a Graphics Programmer at Rockstar North (We're hiring!). Ever since I joined R* in 2019 I've been incredibly fortunate to help ship some awesome projects like Red Dead Redemption 2 on PC/Stadia and the Casino DLC for GTA V.

Currently, my personal Graphics and Programming interests lie in doing loads of low-level programming, reading about efficient rendering algorithms that are even cooler than Clustered Shading, trying to capture beautiful sunsets through Sky and Atmospheric rendering, building solid Graphics fundamentals with Path Tracing and, finally, having loads of fun with Signed Distance Fields and Raymarching.

Before joining R* I worked on two major graphics projects on my own. The first was SSGE, a CPU based software renderer written entirely in C++ with no external libraries and capable of running PBR-like shaders. The second one was HRE, a GPU based renderer written in OpenGL where I learned about PBR, IBL and also fancy compute based Clustered Shading algorithms for lightning fast light culling.

In another lifetime I graduated from Virginia Tech with a degree in Aerospace Engineering whose biggest use nowadays is as a conversation starter. However, my passion for space and spacecraft remains as strong as ever (I'm dying to see a rocket launch live!) but it's now been merged neatly into a totally healthy obsession with space scenery and images in shadertoy. One of my proudest achievements still is that time NASA gave my Senior Design Team's project a shout-out on their website.

The best way to reach me is at my Twitter or through email at: angelo12 (at) vt (dot) edu.